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Do you know the proper techniques for flossing your teeth? Although flossing is not a difficult skill, changing a few techniques and methods with your flossing sessions can have a much better rate of success. In addition, the products you use can also play a key role in the effectiveness of your treatments.

If you are flossing correctly, you will be able to successfully remove plaque and food particles from between teeth that toothbrushing alone otherwise cannot reach. Dental floss helps perform essential tasks to keep your mouth free of debris and safe against the dangers of plaque build-up. Be sure to look for utensils or tools that can easily floss between your teeth without tearing. As an alternative form of cleaning without threaded floss, consider a water flosser to keep your mouth clean.

If you do decide to use traditional floss, make sure to use a product that is shred-resistant. Ideally, single filament thread is your best option. Once your product is chosen, use an 18-inch section for each session. Never use the same part of the strand more than once, so lightly wrap the strand around a finger on each hand so you can move up and down as necessary. After you floss between every tooth and the back row, dispose of the strand and use a new one for each session thereafter.

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