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Lasers and dentistry may not appear on the surface to be a match made in oral health care heaven, but given the precise nature of lasers and their ability to accomplish tasks assigned to them, it only makes sense that lasers are used to accomplish complex dentistry procedures that often require precision guidance. Listed below are a few sample procedures that lasers can help influence:

– If you are suffering from a cavity, lasers can be used to remove the decay and prepare the tooth for a dental filling.
– If your pulp has been injured and you are in need of a root canal treatment, lasers can clean the area around the tooth and remove any excess gum tissue. Lasers can also scorch away bacteria to prepare the tooth for a root canal.
– Lasers can be used to remove aching sores or lesion on your gums.
– If you need an oral cancer screening, lasers can be used to remove small amounts of gum tissue for cancer biopsies.
– Teeth whitening gels can be positioned on your teeth to help remove stains and discolorations. Lasers can activate specialized gels when required.

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