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Toothaches are often caused by cavities that have reached deep into the pulp of the tooth where the nerves reside.

Sometimes, unless it’s an emergency, it might take a couple days to see your dentist. That’s bothersome when you have a painful toothache.

When the pain begins it can range from a consistent, dull throb to a sharp, intense pain. You’ll want relief right away. So, while you’re waiting try these tips to temporarily take away the pain.

-Benzocaine, usually allied with an antiseptic, can be applied right on top of the irritation (Note: Benzocaine has been connected to the rare but serious condition methemoglobinemia. Talk with your doctor first).
-Take an aspirin or other readily available pain reliever, but never let the powder linger directly on the gum tissue for long as it may burn.
-Rinsing with warm salt water can provide temporary relief.
-Sucking on ice or massaging the affected area can also help.
-Some types of oils (clove, oregano) applied directly on the tooth with a soaked cotton ball have been used to provide homeopathic relief.
-Asafoetida from the roots of parsley plants is known to relieve toothache pain. Be warned, it smells strong and tastes bitter.

If you plan on using a home remedy while you wait for your appointment, talk with your dentist first.

In some instances, our dentist canl see you immediately. If you have a toothache, Dr. Warren Cheung will see you as soon as possible. Please contact E.G.I. Dental to make an appointment at: 916-683-1994, or come by our office in Elk Grove, California.